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Horses can display 'warning signs'  to indicate
dental problems including:

Balls of food being dropped from the mouth "quiding"

Pulling faces or raising the mouth during eating

Selective eating, or bad odor coming from the mouth 

Diarrhea or weight loss

Difficulty in flexing or bending

Head throwing or continually playing with the bit

Cannot be guided

Tongue hanging from the mouth or visible between the lips

Rearing, head shyness, or unwilling to flex at the poll

Reluctance to maintain contact

Tipping head to one side
The expression "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth ", doesn't always hold true when you acquire a new horse. Many horses can have dental concerns without displaying clear symptoms and suffer in silence. Dental problems can develop to advanced stages, before the horse provides indication something is wrong. For peace of mind and to insure this does not happen, regular dental appointments are necessary for your horse's comfort, welfare, and performance.